Ohio’s quest for Medical Marijuana continues

Power to the Pot

As Washington and Colorado rejoice in their new found Marijuana freedom and 10 other states have pending legislation to legalize Medical Marijuana, I wonder why Ohio has not been more involved in this progressive issue. Medical Marijuana and the full legalization of the plant, are not just trending topics, but have now been ingrained into popular culture. The issue involves all of us, even those not directly affected by this possible change. In an effort to bring those like minded individual together, I have compiled a list of resources for the general public to utilize. Everyone has a voice! And everyone should have the opportunity to speak on behalf of their beliefs. Many of us are seeking alternative means to modern medicine to relieve pain and improve our quality of life. Is that so much to ask? Get involved, you too can make a difference!

The Ohio Medical Cannabis Association

According to The OMCA:

“Polls show that about 3 in 4 Ohioans already support medical cannabis. A majority of Ohioans across all racial, educational and political classifications support it as well.
90 million Americans already have this right and Ohioans should too.
Every state bordering Ohio already has a medical cannabis law or has one currently in the legislature.
Some regions of Ohio are facing an epidemic of pain pill addictions and overdoses. Making cannabis available for serious medical conditions provides a safer alternative.”

The OMCA has proposed and supports The Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment of 2012

“The Ohio Medical Cannabis Amendment of 2012 is a proposed citizen-initiated amendment to the state constitution. It is based on eight rights already established in the Bill of Rights within the Ohio Constitution. The amendment also establishes the Ohio Commission of Cannabis Control to support, uphold and defend these rights, and to regulate medical cannabis in Ohio.”

You can support the OMCA by volunteering and sharing this information with your friends and family.

Visit their website here: Ohio Medical Cannabis Association 

The Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment

This Amendment leaves enforcement up to local jurisdictions.

You can find more information on the petition which is currently being circulated through the state at this website: Ohio Alternative Treatment Amendment

DAYTON: Twilight Boutique is currently circulating this petition in their store.

2022 S. Alex Rd.

West Carrollton, OH 45449



Join your local chapter!


The best thing we can do is educate ourselves on the law, the facts and the resources to make progression and change happen! Communicate with your friends and family, get involved!


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