Ohio’s medical marijuana legalization efforts are gaining momentum

shared from: http://the420times.com/2013/05/ohios-medical-marijuana-legalization-efforts-are-gaining-momentum/

The efforts to bring medical marijuana to the state of Ohio are gaining momentum as the supporters of the Ohio Cannabis Rights Amendment have effectively collected the 1,100 signatures that are necessary for the first step in becoming qualified for a space on the state ballot in November.

Flag of Ohio.svg  Ohios Medical Marijuana Legalization Efforts Are Gaining Momentum

The bill in question would permit the use of marijuana for medicinal dedications for qualifying Ohio residents and would also allow farmers in the state to begin cultivating industrial hemp.

After the initial 1,100 signatures are validated by the attorney general, the Ohio Rights Group will need to collect 385,000 signatures from registered Ohio voters in order to become officially qualified for a spot on this year’s ballot.

200px Seal of Ohio.svg  Ohios Medical Marijuana Legalization Efforts Are Gaining Momentum

The Ohio Rights Group president John Pardee claims the response to the amendment has been awe-inspiring.

“This has been a life-altering experience,” Pardee proclaimed. “I’ve never been involved with something like this, but to meet all these people who have come from every walk of life; cancer patients, veterans. I expected a lot more resistance, but I can’t tell you how many people come to me and tell us to keep going.”

Ohio Representative Bob Hagan has plans to introduce two bills that would decriminalize the use of marijuana in his republic. His first bill would permit qualifying residents to use marijuana for medicinal dedications and the second would allow adults to use the plant for recreational purposes.

“To pass the bills it would take two-thirds vote in the house and senate,” Hagan affirmed. “Then it would go on as constitutional amendment and allow the voters to decide. I’ve talked to a lot of legislators who have all said the same thing; ‘If we can tax it there might be some value to it.’ If we are able to redirect money to education or local government, then they would be in favor of that.”

Hagan’s proclamation sounds promising, but will the legislators he speaks of hold true to their word when it’s time to vote? Only time will tell, so keep your mouse parked right here @ The 420 Times for any updates regarding Ohio’s efforts to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes and for all your cannabis community news and entertainment.


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